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What is a Self Tape & How To Make Self Tape in Acting? ( Tips & Tricks )

What is a Self Tape and How To Make Self Tape in Acting?

How To Make self tape in Acting


How To Make Self Tape in Acting for Audition or Introduction Video: A self-Tape is a pre-recorded video audition that an actor submits to the casting director by performing in that tape, usually requested by the casting director or director. Some caring directors will provide you the script for self-tape.

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Then you just have to act in front of the camera. If they don’t send you the script for their audition then you can select your choice script in which you feel more comfortable.

What are Casting Directors looking for in a Self Tape?

How To Make Self Tape in Acting: It simple obviously they are looking for your performance that how good you can perform. Obviously, if you perform best then your chance of selection will be the more. The first thing they are looking at in your tape is your performance.

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Apart from this, they are also interested in your looks and your sound quality of speaking. They are not looking for professional speaking level sound quality. They will be ok in just simple good speaking quality.

But that the actor’s face is well-lit and the audio is clear and free of background noise.

What Equipment or Camera do I need for a Self Tape?

How To Make Self Tape in Acting: You don’t need any fancy equipment to make a self-introduction video or audition video to send your audition video to the Casting directors. It will be ok with just your smartphone. You can make your audition video or introduction video on your smartphone.

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A smartphone is fine. Please use the back camera to record your video. You can use Tripod to make your audition or introduction video for stable your Phone. And make sure your whole body is in the frame of your smartphone. And make sure your body still be in the frame of any movements in your video.

Always film horizontally, Never turn your phone vertically unless the casting director has specially asked you to do so.

What is the Best Backdrop for a Self-Tape?

How To Make Self Tape in Acting: Self Tape backgrounds should be solid, neutral colors like White or Gray. Try to avoid a very cluttered background. Also, refrain from having windows or mirror behind you to avoid getting too much glare.

Best Tips for Improving Sound Quality while Auditioning?

How To Make Self Tape in Acting: If you want to improve your sound quality while making a Sel-tape of Audition video or Introduction video send a casting director. Then there are a few best Tips & Tricks to improve your Soun quality in a Sel-Tape.

  • Turn off Fans and A.C. Units before making your Introduction video or Audition Video.
  • Please Shut your windows if you live on Noisy Street.
  • Make sure nothing is covering the microphone.

Best Clothing Tips while Making a Sel-Tape for Acting?

How To Make Self Tape in Acting: Neutral, Solid colors work best on camera, Bright Colors and small patterns are fine but avoid the stripes. And make sure your clothing doesn’t clash with your backgrounds, if you wear glasses make sure we can still see your eyes. If not, adjust your lighting or consider taking off your glasses.

Lighting and Editing Tips for Self Tape?

How To Make Self Tape in Acting: You don’t need a fancy ring light to be well lit. Natural light from a window is great and can be very flattering.

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Once you have done several takes and chosen the best one(s) It’s important you edit your submission. You don’t need to be a professional video editor to do this. You can use mobile apps like Kinemaster, Inshot, or V.N. Etc.

How To Self-Make a Self-Tape Audition in Video?

Few General Tips while Make Self Audition 0r Introduction Video?

How To Make Self Tape in Acting: The following are the best tips while making a self-tape for the Introduction video or Audition Video.

  • Do Memorize the scripts in which you are going to perform.
  • Do find a partner to perform with. Make sure it’s someone with good diction.
  • Only you should be on camera. Your reader should be off-screen.
  • Keep the camera still. Don’t try any fancy moves, this will distract from your performance.
  • Keep your focus out of the camera and place your viewpoint slightly to the left or right of the camera lens.
  • Don’t record your audition  addressing the viewer ( Unless asked otherwise )
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