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Ananya Sharma From Udhampur To SaReGaMaPa Lil Champ 2020

Ananya Sharma From Udhampur To SaReGaMaPa Lil Champ 2020

Ananya Sharma who lived in Udhampur is now performing in Saregamapa Lil Champ 2020. She is a very young beautiful confident girl. She is basically from udhampur which is a city in Jammu and Kashmir. She is a very confident girl as you can see her on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champ 2020.
Ananya Sharma lived in udhampur but her Music Teacher is from Jammu. Her Music teacher’s name is Sooraj Singh Ji. He is also a very talented coach. He is a music teacher. 
News Now Interevied Ananya Sharma Musical Teacher Sooraj Singh and he says this is a very proud moment for me as well as udhampur and Jammu UT. He says this is a very proud moment for me as I am her teacher and she is my Student. And she comes daily for rehearsals.

Ananya Sharma Udhampur Singh

He also mentioned that she is a very talented Singer. In our Jammu and Kashmir, there is so much singing talent but we don’t have a big platform to show our talent to the world. We have to struggle for our passion, talent, etc. 
He also mentioned that she is very small in age and doing so high-level work in her early life. She is just in a 6th class and doing a great job with her talent. She is selected in the Top 15 contestants in SaReGaMaPa Little Champ 2020
This is very good news for me that she is my student and achieved so much in her early life. So it just an amazing feeling. And I am quite pretty sure that one day she will become a superstar and she will make proud everyone her family, relatives, me, whole Jammu and Kashmir, etc. 

Ananya Sharma Udhamour Singer in Saregamapa Little Champ 2020

In one episode where she performing she has chosen a very hard song. This song is very hard to sing But when she sang she performs very well and catches everyone’s heart. She sang a very big song at night. 
And then they talk about there Ut Jammu and Kashmir like Language, etc. He says our language Dogri is a very pure-hearted language and everyone’s loved this. 
And Lastly, he gave message to her and the audience that please support her please vote for her and we have to help her to reach her to the top. 
And Sooraj Singh who is Anaya Sharma’s Musical Teacher says that Ananay you are doing a good job. Your last video performing in Saregamapa Little champ 2020 is getting viral and lakhs of people watching it already and still count. You are doing a good job you stay focused, and performing like this and we want to see you with a trophy and makes everyone’s proud.
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