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Acting Auditions Short Film 2020 [ Like Love Games Movie ]

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 Acting Auditions For Movies & Short Film 2020

Acting Auditions Short Film 2020: Hello Beautiful People we are conducting online audition for Short Film Like Love Games Movies. If any person interested in this audition then read all the details before apply and send us your details on WhatsApp number which we have given below:

We got so much request on our social media that please conduct short film auditions. We want to work with you in a short film So today we bring Acting Auditions in Short Films 2020 specially for you guys.

So check out the requirements of the production company before applying.

Acting Auditions In Mumbai 2020

The following are the requirements of the production company for the upcoming Short Films Auditions 2020. First of all, read all the requirements of the production then apply. If you don’t fit in this role then please avoid spamming. 
  • Need: Male Actor
  • Age: 18-27 years old
  • Look: Good looking
  • Need: Female Actress
  • Age: 18-26 years old
  • Look: Good Look
  • Kindly send us your profile with 2-3 pics and 1-minute introduction video [ Name, Age, Height, Current Address, Phone Number, Email, Id, Hobbies, Experience ] on WhatsApp number which we have mentioned below:
  • Contact Number
  • 9079285291
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