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How To Give Audition For Bollywood Movies | Bollywood Auditions Online

How To Give Audition For Bollywood Movies

In this post learn How to Give Audition for Bollywood movies. Today’s post we will tell you the 2 simple steps which you can follow To Give Audition For Bollywood Movies. If you follow these two simple steps then you will give Bollywood Auditions Online very easy.

Our India there is so much talent for acting. And there is also very competitive in the acting field. There is so much struggle in the acting field. You have to do so much struggle in this field if you want to become an actor in Bollywood. Because so many youngsters, adults are giving audition in Mumbai everyday.

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So in this post, we will tell you the simplest ways that How to give audition for Bollywood Movies.
Read all the details very carefully because we will tell you the full details of Bollywood Auditions online briefly. And you have to understand all the factors which we are going to mention today.

How To Give Audition For Bollywood Movies | Bollywood Auditions Online

These are the two steps:

  1. First, you have to go to Mumbai for your Acting career
  2. Or You can give online Audition From Home.

Pros and Cons of there two steps:

Cons of Offline Auditions

Option 1: If you want to make your career in the Acting field then you have to go to Mumbai for your acting career. But first I will tell some bitter truth. If you go to Mumbai then you have to lot of struggle in acting also in other things. Mumbai is so costly place to live.

Let me tell you that Mumbai is a very expensive place. If you want to go to Mumbai then you must know some bitter truth. If you want to live there in Mumbai,

  1. First of all, you will need a flat to live, which will be very expensive. [ Look if you take a flat in Mumbai its cost is around 25,000 to 30,000 per month. This is really so costly] 
  2. Then after you need things to eat and drink.
  3. Then you have to need money also in your pocket for safety. 
  4. Then also you have to cook your meal itself.
  5. You will also have to leave your mother’s handmade food. 
  6. You will have to wash your clothes by themselves.

See if you go to Mumbai, you will have to struggle a lot. And you will have to do a lot of things that you have to do yourself. Along with acting, you will have to struggle in many other things. If you have to handle everything on your own, then Decision is yours.

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I told you all the cons If you go to Mumbai for your acting career. But now we will tell you some positive things if you go to Mumbai to pursue your acting career. See, if you go to Mumbai and have no money so you can do these things to survive in a Filmi Duniya [ Mumbai ] Now we are going to tell you all the Positive things if you go to Mumbai.

But let me tell you first If you want to go to Mumbai. Then we must recommend to you that first join acting classes, acting workshops or join theatre. Theatre is the best option to increase and sharp your acting skills. Join the theatre now and this will improve your acting skills a lot.

If you complete your studies i.e graduation then you can also apply for a job. If you complete your graduation then you can apply for a call center job or any private company. There is so much work in a Mumbai to do.

If you decided to go to Mumbai. One thing we must say first complete your studies then you will come to Mumbai to pursue acting. But if you completed your studies then we will recommend you to come to Mumbai with all your degrees, diplomas, etc.

Acting Auditions in Mumbai 2020

I must recommend you that when you come to Mumbai, you should bring all your documents, diplomas, degree, etc. because if you bring your documents you can apply for a job here in Mumbai and this will be very helpful for you to survive in an expensive place Mumbai.

Pros of Offline Auditions

  1. Bring your Documents, Diplomas, Degree, etc So you can Apply for a Job here to survive in Mumbai.
  2. You can also work in Restaurants, etc to survive in Mumbai.
  3. The production company gives more attention to the offline Audition.
  4. You learned a lot about the acting field if you go to Mumbai.
  5. Trying to make links with the Production company. [ It will be very helpful for you ]
  6. If you give offline audition it will increase the confidence level.

We will tell you all the pros and cons if you want and decided to go to Mumbai to pursue your acting passion. There is a lot of struggle in this field but if acting is your passion then nobody will stop to become an actor.

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How to Give Online Auditions

The second way to become an actor is very easy simple and not so much hardworking way. The second way to give audition for any Bollywood Movies, Tv Hindi serials, short films, print shoots, web series, etc. is Online Audition.

You can Give online audition from home by sending your details on WhatsApp numbers, Email ids or DMs, etc.

How To Find Online Audition on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You can find online audition in many social media platforms like Facebook groups, Instagram, Telegram, or websites that update online audition like our website All India Audition Alert. You can find the latest, current, fresh, online auditions on our website. Saved our website in your Bookmarks.

How to Find Online Auditions on Facebook
First of all, open your Facebook account and click on the search box and search auditions. There is a lot of Facebook account, Facebook groups, the Facebook page will come out to you. And then click on the groups and you will find lots of online auditions there.

Follow the same procedure to find online auditions of Acting on Instagram and Telegram.

You can Follow the Biggest casting director in Bollywood [ Mukesh Chhabra ] they update daily on our Instagram if they have any requirement.

Pros of Online Auditions

  1. You can Give Online Auditions from home.
  2. You don’t need to go to Mumbai to do a struggle like others are doing.
  3. You don’t spend 1 single rupee to give an audition.
  4. You will save your time a lot by giving online audition from home.
  5. You don’t have to leave you mother’s hand food. 🙂
  6. You will get update of Audition on your Mobile phone and you can give audition anytime.
  7. You have to send Your basic details like name, Age, Phone number, etc. Along with Introduction video and Audition video that’s it.

Cons of Online Audition
  1. Production company mostly searching Mumbai and Delhi Based Artist.
  2. Production companies give more attention to the offline Audition. [ But Big production company is searching the actors in all over India through online.

Final words: In this post, we will you the all cons of the pros of both options of Offline Audition and Online Audition. I hope now you have a clear mind but you have to do now to go to Mumbai or Give online Audition from home. I hope you will choose the better option which is best suitable for you. 

Bollywood Auditions Online

Today’s audition about one Bollywood feature film. Everyone can apply for this audition online from home. Need some female actress and male actress for upcoming Bollywood movies. Read out the details of this audition very carefully then only send your profile on Dm. For details check out details from below in step by step:

Casting Call For Bollywood Movies 

Casting call for one feature film of known production with a known celebrity

  • Need: 3 Female Actress
  • Age: 18-25 years old
  • Character: Sister and Relative of lead Male character
  • Note: Female Actresses look should like a Muslim girl.
  • Kindly send us your 2-3 Pics in Kurti Dress with Dupatta on Head.

  • Need: Male Actor
  • Age: 28-32 years old
  • Look: Positive Fair Look
  • Character: Male Lead Actor’s Cousin
  • Kindly send us your 2-3 Pics in Kurta.
  • Shoot Date: 20 August – 15 October
  • Shoot Location: Mumbai & Pune
  • Budget is Good
Please read all the requirements of this project very carefully/. If you fit this role then only DM your profile on our Instagram official page.
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