Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition

Berklee college of music audition dates

#1. How to Apply
Berklee College of Music accepts both the application form of Admission "Offline & Online". Submit your application form is the first step to seek admission at Berklee College of Music. If you want to Apply in Berklee college of music these three primary steps you should have to follow:

Three Steps:

1. Submit an Application: Firstly, you have to create an account on the Application portal Then you have to pay for the fees. Note, the fee is non-refundable keep in mind.

2. Send your Transcript: Secondly, you need to have a transcript before you receive any Decision.

How to submit your Transcripts: You can send your electronically Transcripts through Parchment Please select "Berklee" to deliver your Transcripts.

Via Mail ( Alternative method )

If you're unable to submit your documents via Parchment, you can ask your High school or Institution should mail us your all documents to:

"Berklee college of music
 Office of Admissions
 1140 Boylston street
 Boston Massachusetts 02215"

When we receive your all documents then we forward your all documents to but note we only accept electronic documents that are directly issued by the institution.
  1. If you're emailing us your Transcript and other supporting documents of yours, please mail us from your registered mail so it can be helpful to track your documents.
  2. Please make copies of your all documents and whenever possible, mail all supporting documents of yours in one envelope.
All Transcripts and supporting documents must be postmarked on or before the posted deadline date

3. Confirm your Audition & Interview: Thirdly, After we receive your application form, we'll schedule your Audition and Interview based on the selection of your preferred site. 

Once you have successfully submitted your application then you have to do these steps:
  1. Apply for Financial Aid
  2. Check your Status
  3. Get your Decision
Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition

#2. Berklee college of music Audition (How to Audition) 

                               Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition
The full time of audition & Interview is about 1 hour, Our expert team will take your audition and Interview. we put several questions, we will guide you through the entire experience which includes the following:

  1. 15-minute warm-up
  2. 15-minute Audition
  3. 15-minute Interview

As the time of audition passes, so we will learn more about you, how much is your ability as a musician. And we will see to your potential that you deserve to succeed at the college level. our goal is to see your musicianship has right now and we will help you develop your skills.
Please check out the Audition guidelines to know more about the Berklee College of Audition.

Berklee College of Music Interview (How to Interview)

When your Audition shows your musical preparedness and potential, now time for Interview. Interview Help us to know more about you, your past musical experiences, what is your future goal in the musical industry, aspirants for the future & how to help yourself to succeed in life.
Please check out the Interview guidelines to know more about the Berklee College of Music Interview.

Berklee College of Music Audition Guidelines

When you come for an Audition or interview you must know the audition and interview guidelines. This is an opportunity for all students of the world to show your talent in music and make your future in the music industry. we focus on improvisation, skills, performance, students discipline, sight-reading, ear training. we seek students who are prepared to study and masters in their craft

watch this video to learn more about the Audition and Interview of Berklee college of music, They will show you how you can perform live and how to prepare for audition and Interview
Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition

#3. Berklee College of Music Scholarship
Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition

Berklee awards more the 47$ million annually in institutional scholarships and grants to entering and continuing to the students of the Berklee College of Music. Approximately 40 percent of the entering student is enjoying the institutional aid, with an average award covering 40 percent tuition.

Scholarship for Entering student:
All entering student automatically considered for merit-based scholarships as part of the admission process when students applying for the application He/she can also mention his/her composition or song written in the application. Read our Scholarship policies (First, log in)

Berklee Audition Scholarships:

In order to search the talented artist in the world, Boston travels more than 50 cities throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, and South America. In search of talented artists in the world who are pursuing a College education of music, theater, and dance.

Types of Scholarship:
  1. Presidential Scholarships
  2. Donor Scholarship and Endowed Funds
  3. City Music College Scholarships
  4. Berklee on the road Clinic

#4. Berklee College of Music Academic Courses:

Berklee Invites students undergraduate and Graduate degree Programs summer and international College and pre-college programs, and online degree, certificates, and individual online courses. All courses are taught by our faculty of talented Staff with many years of experience.

1. Undergraduate Programs:

Study Music (32 principal instruments) dance or theater. Choose from 27 major offered through B.M, B.F.A, B.P.S and artists diploma program
  1. Berklee College of Music
  2. Boston Conservatory at Berklee
  3. Berklee Online

2. Graduate programs:
Choose from 32 programs leading to an M.M, M.A, M.B.A, M.F.A, or Diploma
  1. Berklee College of Music - Boston
  2. Berklee College of Music - Valencia, Spain
  3. Boston Conservatory at Berklee
  4. Berklee Online

3. Berklee Online:

Access's Berklee acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world
  1. Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Program
  2. Certificates Program
  3. Individual courses

4. Summer Programs:

Spend your summer making music with students from all over the world.
  1. Choose from 20 programs
  2. Designed for middle school, high school, College or older students
  3. Programs in Boston, Spain, and Los Angeles

 #5. About Berklee College of Music at Boston Massachusetts

Berklee college of music is a private college and located in Boston Massachusetts. Berklee College of Music is one of the oldest and Largest Independently college of contemporary music in the world. Berklee College of music for the study of Jazz and modern American music. It also provides college-level courses in a wide range of contemporary and historical styles. It includes the study of Rock, Hip-Hop, Salsa, reggae, Heavy metal. 

#6. Berklee Audition ( Awards )

Berklee College of Alumni has won several awards and achievements. Berklee Alumni have won 294 Grammy Awards more than any other college, and 95 Latin Granny Awards and other awards 19 Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, and Academy Awards

#7. Berklee College of Music Audition Requirement

Each Master's degree of students have specific eligibility requirements please read carefully:

1. Contemporary Performance (Global Jazz Concentration): Applicants of Berklee College of Music must have to hold the Bachelor's music degree or a Bachelor of arts degree with an experience of music, He has a strong academic character as well as strong in music. Applicants must have great knowledge in the Jazz repertoire, advanced ensemble experience, motivation, speaker, creative and the promise itself achievement in the area of their study.
  1. Having a great experience and an advanced level of instrumental or vocal technique with great musical skill.
  2. Desire to expand their knowledge, experience by working with the top jazz artists
  3. And deeply motivated to advance the power of music as a tool for the betterment of society.
2. Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration)
Applicants must be holding a Bachelor's degree or music or Bachelor's degree in Arts with experience in Music. He has great knowledge of the industry of musicianship. He must have knowledge like masters and great experience of Jazz, ensemble experience, leadership qualities, motivation, technology skills, intellectual curiosity and the promise of great success in the area of their study.

3. Global Entertainment and Music Business
Global entertainment and music Business Applicant must hold the degree of Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Arts with a major in music.

4. Music Production. Technology, and Innovation
Applicants of the music industry must carry out the degree of arts or degree of music. Having a great knowledge of music. Outstanding performance with great discipline also will be considered.

5. Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games
Applicants must be holding a Bachelor's degree of Arts or bachelor's degree in music composition, electronic music production, film scoring, or performance and great experience of pro tools. Discipline also be considered.

All Berklee Auditions 2020

1.Berklee Drum audition: Check it out 

Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition

2. Berklee vocal audition: Check it out

Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition

3. Berklee Guitar audition: Check it out

Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition

4. Berklee audition voice: Check it out 

Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition

5. Berklee piano audition: Check it out

Berklee audition dates (2020) Berklee audition requirements | Berklee guitar audition

#8. Frequently Asked Question:

Q.1 What Happens at an audition and Interview event in Boston?
Ans. If you come to our Boston campus for an audition and interview, there will be opportunities for you to take a student-led campus tour, attend an info session, and a live performance of the student of the Berklee College of Music.

Q.2 What is different about the audition and Interview events hosted outside of Boston?
Ans. If you choose an in-person location other than Boston, you will still have an opportunity to talk to an admission representative and the other students about the life of the Berklee College of Music. If you complete your audition and interview online you will meet Berklee College of Music staff and faculty members, but you will not interact with any other current student.

Q.3 Can my Family and friends come to the audition and interview event?
Ans. Family and friends may wait with your prior to being called, but they are not allowed to observe your warm-up audition or interview. If you have an accompanist or backing hand, they may only join you for the warm-up and the prepared piece section of the student.

Berklee college of music audition dates 

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